Yogurt Benefits


Yogurt is considered usually to be healthy though here are many different types of Yogurt available on the market today. Cow’s milk to rice milk, plain to chocolate flavoured, Greek style to fortified, the options are countless. But how do we know first of all which kind of yogurt to choose and what will be the benefits?

What are the benefits of yogurt?

Yogurt has proven to be great option for dessert as usually it would contain less calories, fat and sugar than a cake or a chocolate bar. On the other hand, even with 0% fat, yogurt might contain a lot of sugar. Therefore we strongly advise you to read the nutrition labels before you buy a Yogurt. The best way of course is to make your own Yogurt at home and control yourself how much of everything you add in it. There is a significant difference for a yogurt made out of skimmed milk(56kcal/100g serving) and a fruit Yogurt bought in a supermarket with 2 times greater calorie content.

Health Benefits of Yogurt

What are the health benefits of yogurt

Now let’s move on to the benefits of eating Yogurt. There are many claims made by the manufacturers about advantages of Yogurt thus we have to remember that they don’t actually care about our health and just want us to buy their products. Of course that is how the world works and we earn our wages but we can’t rely on the marketing to gives us health advice.

The most commonly heard of benefit are the probiotic ingredients of Yogurt. It contains a naturally in gut occurring bacteria. Thus it is believed that an intake of more of these bacteria might help your digestion and prevent diseases (list at the end of this article) related to digestive dysfunction.

Some of the probiotic bacteria might also decrease the inflammation of bowel as these bacteria change the microflora thus reduce the response of immune system which sometimes doesn’t benefit to this particular disease.

There are also a research which links Yogurt to enhancing action of some drugs used for infections of stomach and the upper part of small intestine. Colds can also be shortened by regular use of Yogurt. The more regular effect of Yogurt is the easy digestibility of it. People who want to eat and gain some energy but don’t want to feel heavy, tired and bloated afterwards (i.e. before exercise) can eat Yoghurt with no worries.

We think that the most significant advantage of Yogurt though is the rich content of essential micronutrients. Calcium content in Yogurt is much higher than in milk of the same size serving. It is advised especially for children and elderly people to eat Yogurt daily to contribute to the growth and strength of their bones. The benefits of Calcium itself add many more to the list of Yogurt’s advantages. The bacteria in Yogurt also help to absorb micronutrients more effective than milk. B group vitamins are also present in Yogurt. B5 prevents ulceration, helps to manage weight. B12 on other hand contributes to healthy nervous system.

Yogurt is a great material for fortifying – adding extra health enhancing properties. The manufacturers have already widely practised this – added bacteria, vitamins and minerals etc.

Benefits of eating yogurt:

– Prevent long colds
– Prevents ulceration
– Contributes to weight management
– Contributes to healthy nervous system
– Enhances health and growth of bones
– Contributes to healthy digestive system
– Enhances absorption of micronutrients
– Might lower cholesterol level
– Decrease yeast infections
– Easily digestible
– Great low fat and sugar alternative for that sweet products
– Easy and cheap to prepare at home