Working Hard Makes You Bald


New Study: Long working hours can make you bald

Stress and lack of sleep have previously been linked to hair loss. Now a study shows that working into the late hours can also cause you lose your hair.

Perhaps few people need an excuse to leave early. Now, a study shows that you can risk losing your hair if you’re in the office more than 52 hours a week. 

The study was conducted in South Korea. 13,391 men, ages 20 to 59, have been followed in the 2013-2017 period. 

After that, all the men were divided into three groups according to how long they worked per week. The first group worked 40 hours, the second up to 52 hours and the last one worked more than 52 hours a week.

All other factors were included in the study. Including: Age, marital status, education, monthly household income, smoking and their work plans.

The study revealed that men in their twenties and thirties who worked at least 52 hours a week were balding faster than those who had a more regular working time.

The risk of baldness also occurs with 2% in the ‘normal’ group, 3% in the ‘long’ group and almost 4% in the ‘longer’ group. This was consistent with men across all parts of life, regardless of their marital status or lifestyle.

The researchers behind the study do not believe that the long working hours is the direct reason responsible for the hair loss, but that the hair loss should be seen as a derived effect of stress. Since long working hours are an important parameter in developing stress, researchers believe that long working hours have an impact on hair loss.