Winter Diet


Ever wondered why you put on weight in winter? Wonder no more. It’s not the weather they gets you fatter, it’s our reaction to how the weather makes us feel. Simply put, you don’t do enough physical activities, and the cold weather and shorter days only makes it harder to find the motivation to exercise.

Health and fitness experts recommend that we have at least 150 minutes of physical activity each week. But the weather of course makes any little exercise you were previously doing become extinct as you seek warmth in your home.

winter diet tips

There’s no denying that there is also something about winter that makes you seek warmth over and over, whether it’s with winter warming foods or that very warm blanket and a good movie. Then there’s Christmas which we all love and use an excuse to stuff our faces with all those delicious foods. It’s funny, I was discussing this subject with a friend the other day and we laughed at how we all begin to stuff our faces with food from the 1st of December, all the way through to 5th January, when Christmas is only one day in December. I can’t tell you how often I fell into this trap but eventually, I found a clever way around it.

Here are some great tips to help you beat the bulge this winter:

Get active in winter indoors or outdoors.

Stock up your fridge and pantry with healthy staples such as winter vegetables, spices, wholewheat, oats and sugar-free sweeteners for sweetening up those hot drinks.

Too cold outside to go to the gym? Hit the weight room! Make way for a few exercise equipment in any room in your home or turn on a good exercise DVD and get moving in your living room to burn those unwanted calories.

Become a ‘soup-a-holic’. Stock up on all the right ingredients to make delicious soups that will make you feel full and keep your hands away from that cookie jar.

Eat regular small meals and don’t avoid the good fats that can help keep you full for longer.

Avoid carb-overloading.

Drink up. Keep your body hydrated with good old water and avoid too many teas or coffees which may be harder to cut down on in a cold weather.

Get on the scale. By keeping track of your weight, you’re more likely to avoid weight gain.