Who is the Tallest Man of the World


Who is the tallest man in the world now and who was the tallest man of all times? You can find the answer below.

Humans have generally become taller and taller over time – not least because living conditions have become more favorable, but in some cases they are completely devoid of nature. There are some examples of people who reach far above average height. The world’s tallest man is, of course, one of the examples of nature’s whims.

The world’s tallest man

The world’s tallest man has died long ago. His name was Robert Pershing Wadlow and he was born at February 22, 1918, in the city of Alton, Illinois. He was the oldest of 5 siblings. The other siblings had normal height.

His impressive height, which made him world famous, and also makes us know his name today, was no less than 272 cm. 

The world’s tallest man died on July 15, 1940, in Manistee.

Of course, his unusual height made him the object of interest not only on the part of ordinary people, but also the medical sciences who were allowed to study him several times during his short life.

When he was born, there was nothing to suggest that he should end up as the world’s tallest man. He was neither bigger nor heavier than other babies, but when he was 2 years old he started to grow unusually strong, and when Robert turned 18 he had grown so much that he broke the previous record.

It belonged to the Irish Patrick Cotter O’Brien, who in 1806 was measured to be a full 246 cm.

Already as a child, he breathed unusually much, and when Robert Pershing Wadlow was 12 years old, doctors could conclude that his height was due to an overactive pituitary gland. 

The pituitary gland is a gland that produces the growth hormone somatotropin, and thus it did not function properly with Robert.

One can rightly speak of a disability when such a height is involved 

Robert tried to live as normal as possible. He was interested in stamps and to photography, but his height affected him in his routine life and he did not think it was easy to be so tall. 

He became often kicked in the streets because some children thought he was wearing stilts and it was not possible for him to sit in an ordinary chair. It was therefore not possible for him to use public transport.

His feet measured a full 47 cm, which meant that his shoe size was 71. His shoes were obviously specially made and consequently cost a small fortune.

It was the International Shoe Company that stood to manufacture the expensive suits that had a $ 100 price tag for a pair. Fortunately, the company offered him a good deal when Robert turned 20 years old.

If he wanted to advertise the company, he would in return get the shoes for free.

Robert died in all silence on July 15, 1940 at the age of just 22 years. The coffin was 3.28 meters long and was carried by 12 men. He was buried in the birthplace of Alton, which shut down all business in the day in his honor. Over 40,000 wrote in the condolence book. 

Only very few of Robert’s possessions exist today, for the family chose to destroy most, so collectors could not exhibit his stuff.

Who is the tallest man in the world today?

Today it is the Turkish Sultan Kösen who holds the record. He is 246 cm tall. He was born in 1982 in the Turkish city of Mardin.

Consequences of being unusually tall

Two of the consequences of being the tallest man in the world are poor blood circulation and poor sensation, but unfortunately it does not hold. Unnaturally tall people also do not reach as high an age as people of a more ordinary height.

A study published in 2014 concluded that the same applies to humans as in the different animal breeds. The higher / greater one is within the specific race, the shorter the life expectancy.

More than 8,000 people participated in the trial, which started in 1965.
A low altitude means that there is less tendency for cancer and a high insulin content in the blood.

In contrast, according to another study, low people should be at greater risk of dying from heart disease.