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What to do when you’re bored on Sundays


Sunday does not have to be the week’s downfall and be deadly.  We’ve collected ten things so you don’t have to be bored on Sundays.

Get ready to turn your boring Sunday into a party! Here you get ten ideas for what you can do on Sunday

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1. Plan outfits!

Now you have to try out new looks and plan what to wear next week. If you want inspiration for this week’s outfits, you can take a look at Instagram. If in doubt about an ouftit, you can take pictures of it and send it to your girlfriends so they can give you their opinion!

2. Stalk your crush

If you still sit at home in your room checking out people on Instagram, you can just find your crush and become wiser about who he / she is friends with whom you know and what he / she cares about for. The next time you render into your crush, you definitely have something to talk about – and maybe it will be for more.

3. Make a treasure hunt

No, no, not in the child’s birthday way. You have to make a lot of clues for your friends and make sure they have no idea where they are going. The goal should be a cozy café where you will surprise them and you can enjoy with hot cocoa.

4. Netflix Series Sunday

Find a season of some series on Netflix and make an appointment with your girlfriends to take turns inviting you to Series Sunday. Sundays will be your new favorite day, and you’ve got all the gossip of the weekend before everyone else.

5. The Great Bathing Day

It’s the perfect day to go for a swim. Convince the family or your girlfriend and find out the swimsuit or bikini. It always ends up being nice – and then you might meet some new friends.

6. Be creative

It is actually very cool to knit, sew and crochet. If you like to be different then you can make some pretty fine jewelry, ornaments and some unique clothes. Your mom or grandma can help you, and it can only be fun when mom pulls the knitting needles.

7. Room makeover

Have those pony posters just hung on your wall for too long? Then finally have them peeled down and make a room that actually suits you. For example, you can use old We Young magazines or pictures of your girlfriends to make great collages.

8. Shop with Mom

You have to turn up the charm if you need to have mom on it, but try to get behind a cake (and remember to clean up after you so she doesn’t flip) and brew a cup of coffee. Once she is relaxed, you can just show her a couple of cool online stores – it can lead to a small gift for you.

9. New profile picture

Have you long wanted a new profile picture on Facebook or a new picture for Instagram? Then you can agree with a friend that you hold a photo shoot – it will be guaranteed mega-fun!

10. Visit free Museums

Sunday is the big free day at museums across the country. Find something that you like and bring your grandmother or grandfather. Afterwards, you can get a cup of cocoa and a cake, as you did in the best of times.