Bucket List

I want to introduce you today to the ultimate Bucket List, everyone should try at least some of them in their lifetime!

This Bucket list will help you Embrace the Unknown, for every second counts. Seize the day, live without regret. Time’s tide waits for none; make now extraordinary! 🌟 #CarpeDiem #CherishLife #LiveInTheMoment

Share your thoughts in the comments section below: which ones have you completed already?

100. Summit the top of Mount Everest

99. Ride a Zipline Through the Jungle

98. Ride 100 Miles Through Death Valley

97. Repel Off a Cliff

96. Repel Down a Mountain

95. Repel Into a Cave

94. Go White Water Rafting

93. Live in the Wild For 2 Weeks

92. Jump Out of a Plane With a Parachute

91. Jump Off a Waterfall

90. Go Snorkeling in a Shipwreck

89. Go Quad biking

88. Go Paragliding

87. Go Into Space

86. Go Go-Karting

85. Go Cliff Diving

84. Go Bull Riding

83. Go at the Top of the Highest Building of the World

82. Feed Sharks

81. Experience a Very Mild Earthquake

80. Dive With a Whale Shark

79. Dive Under the Ice

78. Dive to a Shipwreck

77. Dive in a Cage With Great Whites

76. Cross a Glacier on Foot

75. Circumnavigate the Globe By Sail

74. Base Jump With a Wingsuit

73. Learn to play a new instrument – A unique bucket list idea for just about everyone

72. Indoor skydive

71. Kite surf

70. Go paintballing

69. Ride an ATV

68. Swim with Dolphins

67. Relax in a Hot Spring

66. Swim with Sea Turtles

65. Tell Dad I Love Him

64. Act in a Play

63. Have your Nude Body Artistically Painted

62. Be an extra in a movie

61. Attend a formula one race

60. Read the Book Before the Movie

59. Visit the real Oktoberfest

58. Road trip across the entire United States

57. Hike through the Himalayas

56. Swim in each of the four major oceans

55. Visit all Eight Wonders of the World

54. Go skinny dipping at night

53. Run a marathon, half marathon, or 5k

52. Join the mile high club (have sex on an airplane)

51. Go on Safari in Africa

50. Ride a Horse

49. Visit the Northern Lights

48. Get a Tatoo

47. Abseil down a Waterfall

46. Learn to Surf

45. Try Snowboarding

44. Swim/snorkel with Sharks

43. Try Scuba Diving

42. Walk on Hot Coals

41. Be a Game Show Contestant

40. Do Body Shots!

39. Learn to Play Chess

38. Go Bungee Jumping

37. Go to a Festival

36. Have a Staycation in your own Town

35. Get Paid to Travel

34. Attend a Toga Party

33. Attend a Nascar Race

32. Learn a Magic Trick

31. Watch a SpaceX Rocket Launch

30. Spend the Whole Day at a Spa

29. Charter a Yacht

28. Order Room Service

27. Play roulette in a Casino

26. Invest in the Stock Market

25. Dine at a Michelin Star Restaurant

24. Tour the Vineyards of France

23. Visit the Amazon Rainforest and River

22. Cruise down the Yangtze River

21. Watch a Country show in Nashville

20. Learn Mayan History in Mexico

19. Watch a Football (Soccer) Match at the World Cup

18. Visit the Las Vegas Strip

17. Visit Stonehenge in the UK

16. Surf On Australia’s Gold Coast

15. See Komodo Dragona in Indonesia

14. See the Egyptian Pyramids

13. Fly First Class to Anywhere

12. Invite a Homeless Person for Dinner

11. Help Build a School in a Third World Country

10. Ride the Cable Car in San Fransisco

9. See the Eiffel Tower at Night

8. Shop on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills

7. Learn to make Sushi

6. Dive the Great Barrier Reef

5. Spend New Years Eve in a Foreign City

4. Witness the great Migration in the Serengetti

3. Fly a Hot Air Balloon

2. Eat Fresh Main Lobster in Maine

1 . Visit Antartica


So how many on this bucket list excites you?