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10 Crazy things to do when you’re bored on weekends

things to do when bored

Do you have any crazy ideas for what to do when you’re bored on weekends?

You certainly know the long, boring and homework weekends. The weekends where you just have to reach the last pieces of math, hone the English style and pack the bag for the coming week! But you’ve now had your last boring weekend after reading this article!

crazy things to do when you're bored

The List: 10 silly things to do when bored

1. Make lunch of all the weirdest ingredients you can find in the kitchen. Maybe something really delicious comes out of it!

2. Make a long list of words you must not say or write in the coming week, for example: OMG, nice, lol, laugh, random, fuck, wtf, epic, what ever, sweet and nasty. Every time you fall into the trap you have to put a coin aside. The money you have collected when the week is over MUST be spent on sweets.

3. You need to gather your best girlfriends and you now have to put the wildest makeup on each other. You get dressed in your most favourable clothes and then find the camera, because now you have to pose for Instagram and Snapchat. 

4. Fire it off and pretend like you’re eight again. It’s healthy to dance, you get new energy, and then you burn a bit of the weekend sweets.

5. Invite some of your craziest girlfriends, find a fun song and make your very own silly music video. It’s super fun!

6. Stand yourself in front of the mirror and give yourself a whole lot of compliments. It may seem deeply silly, but sometimes it is healthy to give yourself a pat on the shoulder!

7. Write something embarrassing to a friend or random user who is online on Messenger. See the reaction and if it gets too much embarrassing.

8. Make your own TV show. All you need is a few good friends, a camcorder and the good mood. Only the imagination sets the boundaries.

9. Invite your friends and after gathering start saying each other the worst words you know at all. It’s wildly silly and actually quite difficult.

10. Make a list of the most embarrassing things you’ve done. You will definitely curl your toes a few times. But it’s worth a good laugh, and the next time you’re bored, it’s just about a good start for resuming the list…

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