What is Bagua?


Understanding the Feng Shui Bagua

Each section of the Bagua is called a triagram.  Each triagram represents a different area of your life. To use the Bagua, you will need a scaled down floor plan of your home or office.  Place the Bagua on top of your floor plan.  The entrance of your floor plan should be lined up with the bottom of the Bagua. The entrance is defined as the door you use to enter the space.

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Place relating to money and anything that makes your life richer.  This area should be bright, airy and uplifting.  A good place for fruiting plants.  Place things that are rich and gold, and anything expensive that reflects who you are.


Place of life accomplishments,  confirmation of the self and esteem.  A good area to place awards, certificates and achievements.  Positive memories. Represents past and present status, not future status.


Place of marriage and union.  Represents relationships of all kinds; family, friends, and clients. Should be decorated softly and feminine.  A good area for soft lighting, exotic qualities, flowering plants and paired objects.


Place of creativity.  Great place for a craft room or children’s play area.  This space should be energetic, have movement, and be decorated in bright colors.  This space may appear untidy/loosely structured.


Place for spiritual help and guidance.  Great area for Deities, angels, pets, altars, maps, plants, and pictures of exotic or foreign places.  Represents expansion and forward movement.  Can be either contemplative or active.

Life Path/Career

Place of career and expression of personal attitude toward life.  “How do I see the world?”  A great place for guardians.  Keep open and unobstructed.

Feng Shui in Business Environment

Inner Self/Knowledge

Place of Spirituality and Learning, great place to study, meditate and create altars.  Should be very comfortable with single chairs.  The focus of this area is on individuality.


Place to honor your family roots.  Great for heirlooms, antiques and family pictures.


Place of good health and good luck.  This area should have open space and be well lit and bright.  Great place for art, beauty, crystals (chandelier) and plants.