Use Organic Deodorants and Avoid Using Aluminum- Chemical Based Ones


The debate on chemicals in deodorants has been running at full speed after some researches about deodorants became public. The recent researches are emphasizing that most of the deodorants are filled with endocrine disruptors and harmful chemicals. Those harmful deodorants have  inspired me to write this article about avoiding aluminum based deodorants. 

Why we sweat

You can sweat for many reasons. Exercising may be the reason for sweating, your hormones can cause you to sweat, fear can make you sweat. You may also be genetically tend to sweat more than others, and there may be many other reasons to sweat.

The body uses sweat to regulate the heat and the temperature of the body to maintain balance and getting rid of waste, including excess of acid.

Why Sweat Smells Bad?

Originally sweat doesnt smell bad. It is only when it comes into contact with the bacteria on the skin that it can produce hat disturbing smell. No one wants to smell bad, incredible number of deodorants are being sold every year. Most of the people in developed countries use a deo every day.

The optimum way is to sweat regularly and get rid of waste from the body, rather than block it with a deodorant. The skin is one of the most important and most brilliant detoxification pathways of the body. But what should we do for preventing bad body odor in a healthy way.

Healthy Ways to Use Deodorants

First of all, it makes sense not to use antiperspirant deodorants containing aluminum and to prefer creamy or roll-on deodorants. Aluminum may represent a potential burden on the body and brain. Aluminums impact and possible adverse effects are being tested in the EU institutes now. Until then, I recommend that you choose aluminum-free deodorants for yourself and your family.

There are a number of organic, aluminum-free deodorants, flavored with alcohol which has a slightly astringent effect. These products contain no synthetic perfumes, hormone-disrupting parabens or other harmful substances.

You shouldnt expect organic deodorants to work as antiperspirant deodorants do. They, however, contain natural ingredients that kill the bacteria that cause the bad smell. They can be purchased in organic stores or online. Also you can learn here:

How to make natural homemade deodorant without aluminum. aliminum free deodorant

Those who would like to avoid essential oils on their skin, can even make an effective deodorant by mixing virgin coconut oil and baking soda and smear it on the skin under the arms. If your skin is tolerant to essential oils, you can also add a little peppermint oil for freshness, fragrance and base forming materials.

More and more people believe now that they do not need to use deodorants anymore.  One reason for the bad odors may lie in our diet. Increased attention to a good balance of acid and base in the body results in less smelling. On the whole, an increased awareness of food consumption and getting enough water daily, help us to sweat healthy and less disturbing odor.