Tofu Benefits


What is Tofu?

Tofu originates from Asian Cuisine and has been known to be a great source of protein for many years. Vegetarians have especially loved this product as a nutritional substitute for meat, tofu can be prepared in a way that makes it taste like any meat or even fish. Plain tofu has the ability to absorb any aromas and tastes from other foods therefore it is probably one of the most exciting foods on the market.  Tofu is made out of soya milk and usually Calcium Sulfate. There are slightly different types of Tofu but the nutritional information is addressed to extra firm, fresh tofu.

Health Benefits of tofu

Tofu: a Healthy Alternative

Tofu is very low in fat and sodium unlike Cheese and Meat but still has many essential micro-nutrients present.  This makes this an excellent diet food for those who want to lose weight healthily. It is rich in protein, Calcium, B vitamins etc. which all are essential for growth of bones and muscles. People who also have digestion problems can choose tofu at it is light and easy to digest. The most protein rich tofu is the Firm Tofu.


Lack of Calcium is a risk both for young and the elderly.  Calcium is needed for absorption of vitamin D which is needed for the growth of bones. Eating tofu might prevent osteoporosis and enhance the nervous system.

Tofu Lowers Cholesterol

Tofu intake has also been connected with the decrease of bad cholesterol levels in the body. This property will be beneficial for cardiovascular health especially for those who are overweight and are at great risk of heart attack. It also does not contain any cholesterol unlike animal origin foods.

Isoflavones are responsible for the cholesterol decrease in blood though there is no proof that the good cholesterol increases too. It has also been claimed to decrease risk of some cancers which unfortunately has not been approved by institutions to be true as there are also researches suggesting the opposite effect. There also still more scientific research needed on more benefits of eating tofu and other soya products.  Eating tofu in moderate amounts though is proved to not cause any side-effects

Tofu Recipes

One has to be remembered though: the way you prepare tofu changes the nutritional value. Making a very fatty or sugary dish with tofu might cause not to experiencing any benefits at all but the opposite. We suggest using tofu with sushi, salads, soups and other light foods rather than rich curries and cheesy pastas to benefit most from this nutritious product.

Benefits of eating Tofu:

  • Strengthens bones
  • Prevents osteoporosis
  • Contribute to weight loss
  • Enhance cardiovascular health
  • Prevent heart disease
  • Enhance muscle growth and contractions
  • Contribute to healthy brain and nervous system
  • Might prevent Diabetes II
  • Zero cholesterol content
  • Low in Sodium