There are new symptoms of coronavirus


What are the new symptoms of coronavirus

Even if you dont have the symptoms; a fever or a cough, but suddenly feel that you cannot smell or taste as you usually should, then you must isolate yourself.

If you experience the least kind of discomfort these days, your mind will quickly fall on the coronavirus.

It is natural,as the virus is serious and it makes sense since there is a great risk of infecting others if you just live your routine life.

The most common symptoms of coronavirus are fever and cough, but in fact, many people do not exhibit any symptoms at all, even if they are infected with covid-19.

Now, experts from England are on the field, announcing new symptoms to watch out for.

It is the Association of Ear Nose Doctors in England that has issued an official message asking people to keep an eye on these symptoms.

“Evidence from other countries indicates that the entry point for coronavirus is often the eyes, nose and throat areas,” the statement continues:

How to avoid infecting others with coronavirus

“We have also identified a new symptom. Loss of the sense of smell and taste, which means that people without other known coronavirus symptoms but with just the loss of these senses should isolate themselves. Thus they can prevent the spread of the virus.”

According to a British professor; Nirmal Kumarm, it is primarily the young people who will experience coronavirus without having severe symptoms. He therefore significantly warns that the people who lose their sense of taste and smell are also in the risk group and should be isolated for 14 days.