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The coronavirus mutates rapidly – 40 mutations have been found in Iceland

Is Coronavirus mutated?

It is no surprise that the coronavirus mutates, but it is nevertheless surprising to see how many mutations of the virus have been found in Iceland.

There is nothing new in the fact that a coronavirus can mutate. In fact, it is mostly known to mutate quite quickly. This capability of the new coronavirus; Covid-19 should not be underrated.

However, it is still somewhat surprising about the figures that we see from Iceland.

10,000 people have been tested in Iceland and a total of 473 are infected. Of the 473 infected, 40 different mutations of the coronavirus have been identified.

“We have found 40 virus-specific mutations in Iceland. We found a person who had a mixture of viruses. That means viruses were taken before and after the mutation.” Decode Genetics director Kári Stefánsson told.

While this may sound dangerous with mutations, there may also be something good in store. Allan Randrup Thomsen, a professor from the Department of Immunology and Microbiology at the University of Copenhagen, says that in the long run, the coronavirus will become more contagious in connection with its mutations, but in turn it will also become less dangerous.

In Iceland, a slightly different strategy has been adopted than abroad. Everyone who shows the symptoms of coronavirus has been tested.

Across the globe, 338,307 cases of infection have been recorded, while 14,602 people have died. However, it cannot be concluded that all people died simply due to coronavirus.

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