That’s why your dog stares at you as it shits


Most dog owners know of the moments and slightly awkward situations where their four-legged friend settles out in the wild, and with an insistent and staring gaze towards the owners eyes when it gets rid of its feces.

The near-intense moment will continue right until a brown shit is ready for you on the ground, and you must find a black bag for the hot and steamy stuff.

What does the dog mean staring at you

What is the meaning of the eye contact that would seem absurd and particularly bizarre if similar looks were exchanged between two adult people?

Here, Madeline Friedman, a dog trainer and expert in the behavior of furry creatures, explains that her gaze can be traced back to the time when the dog was just a puppy.

The dog probably received praise and a kind of reward as the quite bite managed to hide in the wild – and no longer on the real carpets in the living room.

The dog has not forgotten that experience, and therefore it is looking intensely at you in the hope that after the visit to the toilet, words and mouths will fall off, says Madeline Friedman.

Dog trainer Jones has a different interpretation of the looming moments when the dog has to step down on behalf of nature.

– If a dog is staring at its owner, it probably looks for approval, making it feel safe to use a permitted location, and continues:

– Maybe the owner has previously scolded the dog for shitting a wrong place, and therefore the dog is afraid of its consequences.

The intense dog look may also have something to do with instinct and vulnerability, says another quote from Madeline Friedman. 

– The pool position is a vulnerable position for dogs, says Madeline Friedman and continues:

– The feeling of being vulnerable stems from its wild ancestor, the wolf that manages itself in the wild. I think the dog is watching us to keep its back safe during this vulnerable action for an extended period of time, says Madeline Friedman.

Vet. Olson, on the other hand, has a completely different bid for eye contact:

– The dog asks for some privacy, says Olson, explaining that it might be you who should not continue to look in the eyes of dog.