The Science of Sleep

The science of sleep raises one of the most complex issues of Neuroscience; namely what it means to be awake or asleep. Since neurology approaches the science of sleep as an altered state of awareness, let’s see what the research has contributed to our understanding of sleep. Without doubt, our brain structure is extremely complex… Read More

Stages of Sleep

Before the discovery of sleep stages, scientists thought that sleep was just a continuous state of unconsciousness from dusk to dawn. The discovery that sleep progressed in stages was one of those accidental occurrences. A doctor observed that at certain times, the eyes of sleeping babies would exhibit movement; sometimes a slow, rolling movement; at… Read More

How Much Sleep Do I Need?

How Much Sleep Do Adults Need? A large amount of research by professionals who study these things, show that men need between seven and eight hours of sleep and women, a bit less, at six to seven hours. That six to seven hours for women refers to adult and/or elderly women. How Much Sleep Do… Read More

How to Sleep Better?

The Healthy Sleep Environment Environment matters and it's really simple. The bedroom is not your office, not your TV room, not your dining room or your reading room. For good healthy sleep, the bedroom is reserved for just two things and the first is sleep. I can't remember what the second one is. So take… Read More

Sleep Disorders

You are probably aware, if not experiencing, a few of the more common sleep disorders. After all, in the hectic, toxic, stress-filled world that we inhabit, sleep disorders are quite common. They range from a fairly innocuous insomnia where we just have trouble falling asleep or can't seem to stay asleep and keep waking up… Read More

Sleep Well for Your Quality of Life and Health

Ever thought about what happens in our bodies and minds that make us sleepy, makes it hard to keep our eyes open, hard to focus, hard to think, just want to lie down, so tired, just let me sleep? And what is it about sleep that restores us; awakened refreshed, alert and ready for another… Read More