fennel recipes

Fennel Benefits

It would worth for sure to learn about fennel benefits for health Fennel is often not the first choice to do the shopping for dinner. It's a shame because fennel is healthy and tastes good both raw, baked in the oven or scorched on the forehead. Fennel is a vegetable that tastes a bit like… Read More

Fennel Salad Recipe with Tomato

Yummy Fennel-tomato salad recipe for 2 person BON APPETiTE Fennel Salad Ingredients 2 fennel 2-3 large tomatoes or cherry tomatoes in several colors 50 g goat feta cheese Kalamata olives Fresh or dried basil Unrefined salt and freshly ground pepper Virgin coconut oil Extra virgin olive oil Clean and cut the fennel into thin pieces. Rinse… Read More