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Arrowhead Cabbage Salad Recipe

Arrowhead Cabbage Salad with walnuts, cranberries and liquorice. BON APPETITE   Cabage Salad Recipe Ingredients for 4 people. 1 arrowhead cabbage or cabbage ½ cucumber 1 pear or an apple in small cubes ½ cup dried cranberries 1 dl. coarsely chopped walnuts 2 dl  sour cream 1 tbsp. apple vinegar 2 tbsp. water The juice of… Read More

Cabbage Nutrition Benefits

Cabbage is super healthy. Here is Why? Cabbage is super healthy, primarily because the cabbage is rich in fiber and loaded with vitamins, flavonoids and other plant nutrients. Many types of cabbage can help the body to detoxify and prevent disease. Unfortunately, many of us have a strained relationship with cabbage. Possibly we remember from our… Read More