Scientists created a virus to kill cancer cells


Researchers have developed a new virus, that can kill all types of cancer in clinical trials. The treatment is currently being developed by the Australian biotech company Imugene.

A New Cure for Cancer?

The cure for cancer has been long sought, and although we have become better at treating most types of cancers, we still lack a universal cure for cancer at most stages. Now Australian researchers may have got a breakthrough.

The American cancer expert Yuman Fong is behind the development of the new treatment, which they hope can be tested on breast cancer patients next year. That’s written by Australian media; The Daily Telegraph writes.

Tests of Cancer Killing Virus in Laboratory Environment

The experiments for killing cancer cells in the laboratories have been a great success. The researchers have been successful in killing cancer cells in petri dishes with the new virus.  Experiments conducted with mice have been giving very positive results. Tumors have become significantly smaller after the new treatment.

However, testing on mice is not a guarantee that it can also work in humans and the tests have to be conducted to treat various cancers in humans. 

Although no guarantees are issued, cancer expert Fong is very optimistic, as other types of viruses have been used in the past to fight human cancer.

For example a virus that causes common cold has been used to treat brain cancer with very good results. Other types of viruses have also been used successfully. That is why Fong and the company behind Imugene believe that they are making a real breakthrough in cancer research.

“There is sound evidences that viruses can kill cancer cells. The problem is that; if you make the virus powerful enough to kill cancer, it would possibly give harm to the human as well,” he says.

Experiments with various smallpox viruses have shown that the smallpox virus is harmless to humans. By mixing it with other viruses, scientists have found a virus that can kill cancer.

Cancer patients will have the virus injected directly into their tumors.

The hope is that the virus wakes up the immune system and then replicates the result and causes all the sick cells to die.