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Salad with sweet potatoes and pomegranates

This tasty and beautiful salad will grace any table. The beautiful, red pomegranate seeds complete Christmas salad and is also super healthy. Enjoy! šŸ™‚
Salad with sweet potatoes and pomegranates
Four pers.
300 g of kale
2 sweet potatoes
4 carrots
2 firm apples or pearsĀ 
50 grams of walnuts
The cores from 1 pomegranate

For the dressing:

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1 tsp honey

Unrefined salt and freshly churned pepper,

fresh chopped herbs and the juice of Ā½ lemon

Peel the carrots and sweet potatoes. Cut them into small pieces and bake them in the oven for 30 minutesĀ at 180 Ā° C. Take themĀ out of the oven, cool and pour in extra virgin olive oil, with salt and pepper and chopped herbs. Meanwhile bake root vegetables and rinse the kale thoroughly and cut off the thick stalks. Chop theĀ green cabbage very fine, like parsley, and mix with the baked root vegetables, the finely chopped pears or apples and pomegranate seeds. Put the salad Ā in the dressing and wait about 15 min. before serving and finally sprinkle chopped walnuts.

Bon Appetite!!!