Regular Exercise can curb the appetite for unhealthy foods and prevents eating disorders


It is scientifically proven that regular exercise has reverse effects on unhealthy eating habits

exercise curbs appeitite

Exercises with high levels of activity are keeping away the cravings and the desire for any unhealthy food. This was explained like people who exercised get high by the adrenaline and  they don’t even crave for anything unhealthy.

In order to get this results a study was made on 180 individuals and the results were tracked. First of all, their fitness levels and cardio respiratory levels were measured. The individuals had very different activity levels like low, moderate and high levels.

Afterwards, they were tracked for two days in order to see if exercise really had impact on their appetite and cravings for fatty foods.

As expected 80% of the group had little or no desire to eat unhealthy food at all. Some individuals that did very little exercise found unhealthy food more rewarding while the others found such food less appealing. Then the doctor and the leader of this study revealed the reverse relativity between regular exercise and appetite for unhealthy diet which can be called as “Eating Disorder”.  Here you can read and learn basic answers of  the question: “What is Eating Disorder

According to the study results, it is obvious that physical activity and exercise also prevents gaining and reduce your appetite so it is of course a win-win situation.

This is why you should consider getting high on exercise as you will be keeping yourself away from a possible bad eating habits and of course a fit body.