Mother’s Day Gift Ideas


Wellness and Self Care

If your mother has always been the type that thinks of everyone else before her, then it’s time for her to be spoiled. Not something with gift cards that she just spends on you or your siblings. No, no, buy something that she herself enjoys.

  • Welness : It can still easy to buy a wellness  gift card – e.g. spa or massage – but then buy one where you can both get off. 
  • Skin and Hair : You can also buy her skin or hair care products or makeup . Not only is it perfect for self-indulgence, it also helps nourish her skin and hair so she can reduce wrinkles, or make her hair look shiny again.
  • Clothes : How about renewing her wardrobe – or parts of it. Take her shopping, or go online, and put dresses, sweaters and pants in the shopping cart. 
  • Gadgets : There are gadgets that can meet various needs like popcorn machines, foot baths or ergonomic pillows etc.
  • Makeover : A whole day of styling her own, putting on her hair, putting on her makeup and putting on her wardrobe and giving her tips on how to do it in the future, that is the ultimate pampering of your mom. Around the country there are such stylists, it is just searching the web and finding one in the area where your mother lives.
  • Course : If your mother has always wished she could play guitar, draw croquis or maybe make snaps, give her a course where she can learn it. You can find courses in everything from photography, to sausage making, to motorcycle courses.
  • Subscription : Does your mother follow a weekly magazine or she has a specific interest, then buy her a subscription to that weekly magazine or to a magazine that deals with her interest. It can be anything from interior decoration, food, or even car magazines.

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