Mother’s Day Gift Ideas


Why are we celebrating Mother’s Day?

Now the gift for Mother’s Day is hopefully in place for you – or at least you have been inspired by what to give your mother in Mother’s Day this year.

But do you also know the reason why we celebrate Mother’s Day? And how long we’ve been doing it? Otherwise, read the answer below.

The tradition originated in the United States, and Mother’s Day came to the rest of world gradually after 1914. It was an American woman – and mother – named Anna Marie Reeves Jarvis, who got the idea of ​​a national memorial day for the work that mothers did.

She joined a group of other mothers called the Mothers Day Work Club. They did a great job of fighting the diseases that broke out among the soldiers during the American Civil War, improving sanitary conditions and reducing child mortality.

However, Memorial Day was not introduced into the life of Anna Marie Reeves Jarvis.

However, her daughter Anna Jarvis, who had been very fond of her mother, was lucky. In 1914, the then US President, Woodrow Wilson, announced that Mother’s Day should be a national anniversary, with the flag topping.