Healthy Kale Soup Recipe


Kale soup is super healthy and our recipe for kale soup is very easy to make. It tastes great and you can easily make a double batch and freeze down so you may have an easy meal ready for busy days. Kale is healthy, bursting with vitamins and minerals and lots of fiber, which is good for both the immune system as digestion. Kale contains some plant nutrients, which indirectly acts as anti-cancer. Eat green cabbage as raw, finely chopped in salads, in wok dishes or just as an accompaniment to food.

Ingredients of Kale Soup Recipe for 4 person:

250 g fresh kale or 150 gr. frozen kale
2 onions
500 g potatoes
7 cups vegetable broth
½ celery
2½ dl cream (you can also use sheep’s yoghurt)
Salt and freshly ground pepper

How to Prepare Kale Soup:

Rinse green cabbage thoroughly and remove the coarsest stalks. Cut the cabbage into small pieces. Peel the potatoes and onions, cut them into small pieces and cook them in the broth for about 20 min. under the lid. Add the kale and simmer all approximately for 10 min. Then blend the soup and add cream or yogurt and celery cut in the form of tiny cubes. Eventually, add salt and pepper.