Is Raw Juice Better than Bottled Juice?


This is a very important one to get out of the way. When I say ‘Raw’ Juice, I don’t mean juice that’s straight from a bottle. I mean juice that has been freshly made.

What is the difference? It all comes from the same thing right? Well it does come from the same fruit, but the processing method is different.

You want to drink fresh juice because it is RAW. When food is raw it retains all the enzymes, minerals, phytonutrients and the good stuff. Once it is heated beyond a certain temperature, it loses all the nutrients and just becomes fruit/vegetable liquid. When fruit juice is heated, it pretty much becomes pure sugar.

By drinking bottled juice you increase your chance for lots of nasty diseases unfortunately, as it is pure sugar with little to no nutrients. I don’t mean to alarm you; this is just what I have discovered.

With fresh fruit juices however, because the nutrients are still there and they are alive, the sugar is well received into your body and does not affect you negatively like normal juices.

The bottled juices on shelves usually have added sugar, preservatives or something else to maintain a longer shelf life. Even if the label says ‘Raw’ it’s most likely not. Do your research.

Switching your morning Orange Juice from bottled to fresh will have a huge impact on your health. Even if it is “Organic”, if it isn’t raw, cold pressed juice – it won’t be doing you any good.