Is Brain Transplant Possible from Human to Machine?


Want to live forever: Your brain can be transferred to a new body.

You may know the concept of the Netflix series ‘Altered Carbon‘. Here, humans can live forever by transferring their brain to a new body. It sounds like science fiction, but it’s closer to reality than one would think.

However, the new technology will be reserved for the absolute richest in the world, who can now thank a scientific breakthrough that it may soon be possible to cheat death, forever. 

Is Brain Transplant Possible?

In an exclusive interview with future researcher Ian Pearson, the British media The Star reveals that the boundaries between machine and human within the next decades will begin to blur. 

Pearson argues that the technology is so far already under way, where especially retinal implants and microchips will have a commercial breakthrough in the coming years.

“You have to think of technology as an extension of the brain, the equivalent of building a conservatory for his house,” says Pearson, who believes that by the 2050s we will achieve what he calls ‘electronic immortality’.

Those with the financial means will be able to expand their minds to something that is reminiscent of a cloud, thus the brain is constantly stored electronically, which opens up countless possibilities. For example, if the brain can begin to function like the Internet with a central online storage space, it will open up the possibility of telepathic communication between others who have the same implants. 

Similarly, these small microchips that can be implanted in the brain would allow the brain to be transferred to another body. For example to a clone standing on the other side of the Earth. This way you can experience something reminiscent of teleportation.

Although the technology is initially reserved for the very rich, the technology may later become more public, which can open up immortality among ordinary people. 

Dr. Pearson believes that the technology of e.g. to create a new type of robot to which one’s brain can be transferred may already be ready for production by 2050. He believes that the technology that can produce human-like robots will be in place over the next 30 years.