How to Sleep Better and Quick (TV still ON)

Sleep Better While TV on

Can’t you sleep well? You quickly fall asleep with this trick

Sleeping is one of the most important things amongst human being needs. Still, it can be really difficult for many people to get healty sleep, even if you work hand on it.

When the head hits the pillow, there are a lot of thoughts that suddenly start to appear in the head of people, which can make it really difficult to fall asleep.

Fortunately, there are several different methods and techniques to help one fall asleep easily. You certainly know the one about counting sheep, but that’s not what we’re in here for.

A renowned psychologist and sleep scientist Michael Breus of The American Academy of Sleep Medicine in the United States has chosen to share this trick on how to avoid the disturbing amount of thoughts around in your head and how to fall asleep quickly.

His trick is to count backwards from 300, which is done by using the three-table. So you start at 300, then 297, 294, 291 and that way you go all the way down to zero.

If you haven’t fallen asleep when you hit zero, you just start over.

The reason why this technique should work is because, while you count down from 300, you will use those thoughts to think about what number comes next. This keeps your thoughts away from all the other many thoughts that would otherwise keep you awake.

In addition, you should fall asleep fairly quickly because it is really boring.

Many experts suggest that you do not sleep with your TV turned on. But Michael Breus support the idea of sleeping with the TV on as long as you only listen and not follow. While listening to the TV, you will again forget the other thoughts that keep your brain busy.