How to know if your child is suffering from depression

Nowadays the children suicide rate keeps on growing so we have decided to give some advice to parents in order to help them realize if their children are suffering from depression.

The suicide rate among Black children is even higher especially when it comes to the boys.

This situation was the primary motivation of the latest Netflix series called “13 reasons why” which got the national attention and told a story about a high school junior which committed a suicide and left 13 tapes behind in which she explained why she did it and who she believed it was responsible.

This series was eye opening and had the attention for many and this is why the producers announced that there will be a second season because of the amazing awareness it brought.

Parents should probably watch these series in order to help them understand their children better and to see that no matter how everything might seem okay, your child might be suffering from depression and you are not doing anything to help them.

Many mental health doctors and specialists recommend parents to be advised and know about all the symptoms of depression or what might cause it.

5 warning signs that may tell if your child is suffering from depression:

  1. If you notice your child is feeling hopelessness. If they are wishing they were invisible or they weren’t here.
  2. Behavior and appetite changes. IF you notice your child is not eating enough and is not hungry or if you notice them eating too much might be the sign that they are looking for comfort in food. Also if you feel very frequent mood changes from happy to down might be a really strong sign that they are confused or worried about something.
  3. If your children keep neglecting their appearance and keep avoiding social interactions then they might feel self conscious and would rather be alone then in a crowd. You need to talk to your children and make the effort to keep the socialized and never let them close themselves up.
  4. Also if you experience your child getting isolated very often or if you notice that they are depressed and want to always be alone or they even cry too often, then it is a clear sign that they need your help.
  5. If your children are also almost always making up some excuses of why they can’t go to school then you might investigate a little why and if they are being bullied or feeling insecure there.

These are the most common signs yet there are many other ways to realize if your child is suffering from depression if you just pay them attention. And you should pay them attention, be there for them and get them the help they need before it I too late.