How to eat at christmas


Christmas is a party season where we often abandon our healthy eating habits and we end up gaining weight. There are so many festivities even before Christmas and they continue way after Christmas. Most often we have some day off work. During this festive season we should take lighter meals since we are not working and also have more time to exercise. Ironically, we end up gaining weight instead of losing it since we forget to watch our diet and also abandon our workout. There is a way we can do it differently and celebrate Christmas for what it is and avoid indulging too much.

How to eat at christmas

Her is how to maintain some discipline, whether its Christmas or not, if you want to avoid weight gain over Christmas and stay healthy.

Pick Your Parties

With the endless parties and your diary being full of invitations you need to pick which ones to attend and which to decline. Also when you attend, it’s wise to pick your food choices with care, or better yet, eat something healthy before you leave the house so that when you get to the party you’re unlikely to indulge on the wrong foods  and drinks.

Ensure you strictly have portion control either before or during Christmas. Stop eating when you fill you are full and don’t force more food. When you stuff your body with all kinds of food then you will be uncomfortable and you won’t enjoy at all. Also avoid snacking between meals or if you must, then take a fruit as your snack.

Dine lightly

There is a lot food during Christmas and you may be tempted to eat on and on. You don’t have to clear everything but you can always store excess food in a refrigerator and eat later. Control what you eat so that its a light meal. Consider taking a piece of meat with salad instead of a plate full of meat only. Better yet, have less red meat days and stick with chicken or fish.

A good nutritionist will tell you that drinking plenty of water is key to helping you avoid overeating. Also studies have shown that sipping water little by little helps calm difficult feelings. When thirsty you are more likely to turn to alcohol and also more food. To help you consume a good amount of water, you can add flavor to your water by infusing ice and mint, cut strawberries or edible flowers ice cubes.Christmas is an amazing and exciting time of the year, and sadly many of us find ourselves overindulging during this period.