How Long Can I Store Raw Juice?


There are a number of helpful things you need to do when Juicing. One such tip is to almost never store your home made juices. “Make em and drink em!” is a good motto. The reason for this is that soon after you make your juice from fresh foods they begin to grow bacteria. If this gets out of hand you’re drinking not-so-good-for-you foods. We do not want that to happen so we recommend you drink your home made juices as soon as you make them.

However, many people like to take their home-made juices to work. Here’s a tip to store your fresh juice. While we strongly recommend drinking your raw juice immediately you can store it for a short time. The nutrients in your vegetable juice begin to go south from oxygen contact. So, as soon as you juice place it in a glass jar filled to the brim and seal it – air tight. You must keep the oxygen contact to a very minimum and drink within 24 hours. You know how an apple reacts when cut and left exposed. The air begins to turn it brown quickly. The same things happen to your vegetable juice, so seal tightly and keep it out of the light.

If you have one of the higher quality Juicers you may be able to store your juices longer – up to 72 hours. The design of the higher end Juicers keep your food from contact with oxygen where they are exposed more in other designs in the juicing process. See the instructions for your particular Juicer for more details.

You can also freeze your juice and in so doing keep it for about two weeks. You want to get all the air out of the storage bag, or container before freezing – or
the vast majority of air at least. Any storage will lose some of the enzyme activity. When stored properly and for the period of time recommended you will maintain 75% to 85% of their nutrient value.

So, we’re sorry, but no storage for a week or more, unless by freezing. We juice every 3 days with our Green Star Juicer making enough for one to two servings per day per person – reduces the clean-up frequency which is nice.