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Top Home Remedies for Lice

Home Remedies for Lice

Lice infestation is one of the most difficult moments for a person. It is particularly so if it is the children grappling with hair full of lice and nits. These small parasites are known to cause itchiness, discomfort and sometimes infections. People try different ways to deal with lice infestation, such as pesticides. However are home remedies for lice that could readily help wipe lice in your family?


There are some natural oils which have been found to be quite effective as home remedies for lice. Olive oil as well as almond oil is two such examples. These oils deprive the lice and nits of oxygen needed to survive by forming a coat on the hair. This thin film of oil actually suffocates the lice, hence killing them. After applying the oil and leaving it for some time, use a lice comb to remove the dead lice. In some cases, you apply the oil on the lice comb and then comb the hair. Either way, the oil will suffocate the lice.

Other oils that are equally effective include eucalyptus oil, clove oil, aniseed, lavender and neem oil. All these are considered essential oils which have powerful properties needed to kill lice. It is however important that you test the oil on the skin first to prevent allergic reaction.


Vaseline is yet another example of home remedies for lice which smothers the lice when it is applied on the scalp and massaged. After its application, you should put on a shower cap for a day before applying shampoo. After this, cover it again with the cap, thus time after heating it. The heat helps in breaking down the oil. Finally, rinse you scalp. If there are any tangles, juice from the basil leaves will help break them free.

Coconut oil and mayonnaise are two other products that you may use as Vaseline in order to eliminate lice from your household.

Nit comb

How so you remove lice from a child who is less than 2 years? Nit combs are therefore choice on children by parents who are wary of using harsh chemicals on the scalp of children. Scalps of children are usually sensitive to certain medications, so nit comb is a safe bet. All you need to do is to ensure that the hair is wet and that the nit comb is fine toothed so as to trap as many lice as possible. An air conditioner should be applied on the hair before using the nit comb in order to facilitate the removal of the lice and nits.

White vinegar and baby oil

Baby oil works just like the other aforementioned oils by suffocating the lice. After applying it, simply comb the hair gently to remove the dead lice that will fall off the hair. Hot water and shampoo should be used thereafter White vinegar on the other hand should be applied at bed time. The following morning, simply shampoo the hair and condition it.

Flammable products like kerosene should never be used to treat lice as they could be dangerous