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Tips on head lice treatment

Head lice treatment Tips

When it comes to head lice treatment, you may choose three options i.e.

The truth of the matter is that any of the above can be used exclusively deal with lice problems. Since we are talking about treatment rather than prevention, we are going to confine ourselves to the treatment part. These tips will greatly help.

Lice shampoo

This is one of the commonest head lice treatment options that we have. Shampoo is usually applied on the head and allowed to lather before leaving it for a while before washing it off. For the shampoo to be effective, one must follow the instructions on the label on how to use it.

Use it outside shower

If you are going to apply any head lice treatment, it is imperative that you apply it and run hose pipe water on the head as opposed to using it while bathing. You will reckon that most of these products are not meant to be used as part of the bathing process as their exposure to the skin could be detrimental to your skin. In such as case, ensure that you are fully clothed except on the head where you are going to apply the product.

One product at a time

Combining more than one product to treating head lice is ill advice and may actually not work. In fact, the products could eventually hurt you. For best results, just use one type and they don’t work, try another one. The only time you can combine more than one product is when your dermatologist advises you to do so.


The right dosage equals effective head lice treatment. Sometimes you may be tempted to use more than the recommended amount, thinking that this will kill more lice. This may actually backfire on you and cause more problems. For best results, only use the recommended volume of the product.

Removing the lice

Killing the lice is one thing, removing them is another thing altogether. Dead lice get trapped on the shaft of the hair and if not removed looks like real, live lice in the hair. Most shampoo products come with a lice comb. This is far much more effective than the conventional head comb. Use the lice comb to remove not only the dead lice but the nits as well.

Monitoring the hair after treatment

Lice may not die as expected after application of a given head lice treatment. This is because it may be weak to such an extent that it may actually make the lice activity in the head to increase. Increased activity is a clear indication that the lice are not working, hence the need to use a different product.

If the product is found to be effective, then you can proceed with its use and allow it to stay in the hair and scalp for around 48 hours. Whilst you wait for the lapse of the 48 hour wait time, keep combing the hair to remove the dead lice