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Lice Home Remedies That Work

Home Remedies That Work for Lice Treatment

Lice infestation is a common problem in most people’s homes. This little, blood sucking parasites reside in the shafts of the hair as well as the scalp. Children are the most vulnerable to lice infestation, though adults also suffer from attack by lice. In the event you are attacked by lice, there are lice home remedies which will help you deal with them.


The first of such lice home remedies is garlic. This home food substance has a strong, suffocating fragrance. Exposing the lice to them is enough to destroy even the most stubborn of lice in the house. For effective treatment using garlic, simply obtain cloves and mix them with lime juice in appropriate proportions. The ,mixture is then applied on the scalp and left that way for sometime before washing it off using hot water.

Other ingredients that you can use include garlic juice lemon, green tea, conditioner and shampoo. The ingredients are mixed with to make a paste, which is then applied on the scalp before leaving it for roughly 30 minutes. The next thing is to rinse it with warm water before applying a conditioner.

Combing the way will help to remove the dead line that could be trapped into the hair shaft.

Salt as a dessicator

Salt ids a powerful remedy when used to destroy lice. This is especially effective when combined with vinegar. Mix the two to obtain a solution which is then sprayed on the hair and left alone for a while in order to allow it to kill the lice. The treated hair is then rinsed and a conditioner applied. You may be required to repeat the procedure a few times in order to kill all the lice in the hair.


Petroleum jelly is one of the most effective lice home remedies as it denies the lice access to oxygen i.e. it stifles them till they die. For best results, it should be applied before you retire to bed. You can wear a shower cap so that your entire hair is covered. Baby oil is then used to remove the jelly. If this is done a few nights in succession, all the lice will be completely removed. Remember to comb your hair to remove any lice that could still be trapped in the shaft s of the hair.

Tree tea oil

That tree tea oil is an indispensable remedy for lice cannot be disputed. This is a natural remedy for lice problem as it works like an insecticide. For it to be effective, you may need to mix it with other natural oils like coconut or olive oil. The solution is then massaged on the scalp thoroughly before putting on a shower cap for about 30 minutes. It is then rinsed off using hot water. Please note that it is not advisable to use the oil directly without first mixing with the other oils mentioned. Thereafter, comb your hair to pull out any trapped lice in the hair.

These are some of the best lice home remedies that you can try to deal with lice problem.