Herring Salad

Herring Salad

4 people

Ingredients for Herring Salad

  • 150 g boiled potatoes
  • 150 g of green beans
  • 1 red chili
  • 1 small bundle of parsley
  • 1 small red onion
  • 2 dl skyr, fromage frais or quark
  • 2 tsp curry
  • 200 g of marinated herring fish
  • salt and pepper


  • 4 thick slices of rye bread, approx. 300 g


Cut the potatoes into small cubes. Sip the beans and cook them in lightly salted water for approx. 4 minutes. Cool the beans under cold water and allow them to drip into a sieve. Cut the beans into 2 cm length. Halve the chilli, remove the kernels and finely chop. Chop parsley and chop onion nicely. Stir sherry with curry, chilli, parsley and half of the onions. Cut the herring into 1 cm wide pieces and turn them into dressing. Season the herring salad with salt and pepper.

Serve the herring salad on thick slices of rye bread and sprinkle with the rest of the onions.

Energy distribution per person

Energy: 1538 kJ (366.1 kcal). 

Carbohydrate: 56.4 g.

Fat: 9.9 g, of which saturated fat is 2.2

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