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What is a Juice Diet?


Many people might be wondering what is a juice diet or juicing? So let me give you a super quick run down of juicing.

Juicing is when you put fruits or vegetables through a juicer to extract the juice from the produce. The fiber (pulp) is removed, revealing the freshly extracted juice. The juice is the stuff you drink (obviously).

This juice is the life force and the nutrition of the food. It contains all the health giving minerals, antioxidants, vitamins – you name it.

Why Juice?

You’re probably asking, why juice? Why not just eat the fruit and veggies?

Well, when you drink fresh fruit and veg juice, the nutrients are absorbed DIRECTLY and INSTANTLY into your body. Whereas with fruits and veg you still have the fibre, which takes longer for the body to digest and use.

This way, the nutrients are used straight away for healing, building and cleaning. Your body doesn’t have to spend time digesting to get the good stuff, which means it can focus on the healing.

If you have digestive problems, then you will have no trouble absorbing these nutrients. I grew up taking a lot of medication, asthma puffers, the occasional steroids (not the body building ones silly), heaps of antibiotics, and although my mum did her best (thanks mum) – I ate a low nutrient diet. Due to this my digestion was compromised. Juicing has been one of the best things I’ve done to heal my gut.

Having a juice daily will actually prevent and reverse some conditions too. For example: Drinking an alkaline juice such as The Hulk, will prevent your body from becoming too acidic, and can even reverse inflammation in the body.

It is now well known that acidity and inflammation are directly linked to so many of the weird conditions that we get these days.

When you juice, you get all the micronutrients from the foods easier. This is important because without enough micronutrients in your diet, you can develop malnutrition. Macronutrients are your things like carbs, proteins and fats. We all get enough of those, but not enough nutrient dense foods. Juicing is the best way to get enough micronutrients in your diet.

Is Juicing For Me?

Yes. Juicing is for everyone. There are juices for people on all sorts of diets with all sorts of conditions. In fact, I encourage EVERYONE to juice.

If you have cancer or any chronic conditions – I would leave the fruit out of all the recipes and stick with the green juice recipes. In fact, you need to drink green juices to get over your condition!