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Top 3 Juice Diet Questions

Juice Diet Questions

The top 3 juice diet questions are…

  • What is the healthiest fruit / vegetable?
  • What is the best tasting fruit / vegetable?
  • How much juice should I drink?

If you’re just starting your Juicing experience know that dark green veggies provide some of the best nutrients. However, also know that you may want to start into the dark green world slowly as you may have an initial reaction to them. Once your body detoxifies and gets acquainted with the dark green category they will become valued friends and promoters of your good health.

Start juicing with mild veggies and work slowly into the more powerful nutrient packed vegetables. You might want to begin with a drink of celery, cucumber and apple for the first couple of days (8 ounces per serving). This will allow your body to adjust at which time you can slowly add the deeper greens and switch to carrots as the base of most of your mixes.

Once acclimated add a small quantity of Kale, Brussels sprouts and other members of the Brassica family and build your tolerance level. This will be a wonderful family to come to know and love for your greater wellness and better health. Within a week or so you will be able to add anything you want.

In the previous question it was implied, and here stated again, that it is best to juice your vegetables and eat your fruits raw. Raw vegetables take considerable more time to digest, and we get more nutrient value from them when juiced,
and thereby “absorbed” immediately. So vegetables make up the vast majority of our Juicing menu. Fruit digests more quickly.

What Are the Best Fruits & Vegetables ?

It is recommended to use carrots as a base for your Fresh vegetable Juices as they play a vital role to our better health. This then is a good start. To begin, juice your carrots and mix in some celery and an apple. Are we mixing vegetables and fruit? Yes, as there is almost always an exception to most rules, this is one of those exceptions. The apple is a mild fruit that will add a very pleasant taste. The apple, or squeeze or a portion of a lemon or lime are the only fruit we would recommend mixing with vegetables.

Cucumbers add a nice flavor to your juice. They are a natural diuretic and very helpful for rheumatic issues. Cucumbers have a high content of potassium and very good for hair and for toe and fingernail growth.

Try a little Bell Pepper if you would like to enhance the flavor of your juice, ginger can make a flavor difference in a hurry as well, use sparingly. Peppers are loaded in vitamin C as well as carotene.

Celery juice contains many minerals our body needs and also has natural sodium for our better health.

Parsley has an excellent concentration of both flavor and good-for-you nutrients. Use sparingly.

How about taste? Are you liking the taste of your vegetable juices?

Well there are a couple of ways to improve the taste while enjoying your better health at the same time. As previously said, we do not recommend mixing fruits and vegetables in the same drink but apples are acceptable, allowed and recommended. Try ½ apple in your mix and see how that improves taste. Cabbage will also sweeten the taste for you as will Beets. Celery and cucumbers will also improve taste, but experiment a little, be creative!

And, as previous indicated a squeeze of lemon or lime are OK to use to make certain vegetable juices more to your liking, you could even juice a portion of a lime or lemon if you wish. Try a dash of pure vanilla extract sometime or another of your favorite flavors – I like maple – we don’t like the idea of using any artificial flavors in our pure juice.

How much juice should I be drinking?

This really depends on why you are drinking juice. If you are making yourself a fruit smoothie just because you like them then have at it, drink whatever you want. However, if you’re drinking juice for your better health then 8 ounces, two or three times a day is recommended, 8 oz is about all we can absorb at any one time. Drink more often if you are dealing with a health issue, 8 to 12 times
a day one hour apart. Proper juicing can make a huge difference in your health. As I often state, Juicing is a life-changer.

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