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Juice Diet Tips

Juice Diet Tips

Learn How to Make Unique Recipe

Alright, so some of these juice diet recipes you may not like. That’s cool – not everyone likes everything. I made sure I provided as many different types of juices because some people love one while others may not. Follow these juicing tips to get the most out of your juicer.

Please feel free to add, change or remove ingredients from the juices. Juicing is a very organic thing. I usually just put whatever into the juicer and then that’s my juice for the day. I only really make green juices these days. I feel soooo alive when I drink them.

Anyway. In terms of measurements – please add or decrease to your taste buds. An inch or knob of ginger pretty much means as much as you like.

All these recipes give various quantity sizes so you’ll have to have a play around. If there’s extra, take it to work the next day.

With the recipes that have things like coconut water, lemon, salt, or olive oil, you just add it in after it is juiced and mix it around. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

What to do with the pulp?

It is brilliant compost. My mum gives it to her worm farm, which creates beautiful organic worm juice. They looove it! The worm juice then creates amazing fruit bearing trees. You should try it!

If you’re making carrot or beetroot only juices, then you can save the pulp to make raw carrot or beetroot cakes. It also goes well in veggie patties.

Getting the most out of your juice

I like to strain my juice after I have made it. The less fibre in the juice, the more easily it’s absorbed into the body. This is optional though.

How to Store Your Juice

It is important that when you store the juice, you make sure there is very little room for air in the container. The more oxygen that gets into the juice, the more it oxidizes – which basically means it loses nutritional value and life force.

You can put it in a BPA free bottle, a mason jar or any other airtight container and make sure the lid is shut. Adding lemon helps to preserve it longer.

If you use a Cold Pressed juicer, it will retain the nutrition longer than the other kind of juicer.

The Essential Juicing Ingredients

By stocking this stuff in your fridge at all times, you are guaranteed to have veggies and fruit to juice. There’s nothing worse than waking up first thing in the morning and going to the fridge, only to find you don’t have any vegetables!

Have these on you at all times:

• Kale
• Celery
• Cucumber
• Lemon
• Ginger

These are next most important:

• Beetroot
• Apples
• Carrots
• Oranges

How much juice should I drink a day?

As much as you like. I usually drink up to 1L of fresh Green Juice most days. Some days 2L if I’m super keen. You can literally drink as much as you like. Some drink up to 4L a day when they are cleansing or juice feasting.

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