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Healthy Breakfast

healthy breakfast

Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Here you will find inspiration for a healthy breakfast based on good ingredients and healthy ingredients. They will surely give a good start to the day.

We also provide 10 good diet tips at the bottom of the article and why healthy breakfast foods are extremely important.

Classic breakfast that gives the body a great start


A piece of rye bread with a plain slice of cheese and red pepper, a hard boiled egg , an orange and a cup of green tea.


Healthy breakfast that contains good protein and low carbohydrates, so your brain gets kick-started with a smaller dose of caffeine from the green tea. You are given a diet that contains ingredients from the three main groups of foods that should be included in a healthy breakfast.

Strengthen memory and concentration


Yogurt (lean) with muesli, nuts and berries – e.g. raspberry or blueberry. Drink a large glass of water just before you start eating breakfast.


Yoghurt contains live lactic acid bacteria, which gives you balance in the stomach and at the same time gives the brain energy to work. Your body gets important vitamins and minerals with the nuts and especially blueberries contain bioactive substances that strengthen the brain and stimulate the brain’s regular functions. To ensure optimal fluid balance, drink a large glass of water just before you have breakfast. 

Ready for e,xercise from the morning


A milk smoothie with banana, mixed berries and a small cup of coffee or tea to finish off.


This type of exercise breakfast is emptied quickly from the stomach and kickstart the energy level via the caffeine as well as a boost of blood sugar. So you’re ready to exercise soon after breakfast. You get the necessary amount of protein in the milk, ensuring that you do not ‘eat’ your muscles during exercise.

For the busy woman


Plain oatmeal cooked on light milk together with nuts, apple and cinnamon. Plus a big glass of water.


The warm oatmeal is incredibly saturating. This is partly because you eat the crop slowly. During cooking, the fibers in the porridge are dissolved, so that the body can absorb them from the start, ie in the stomach and not down to the small intestine as in raw oatmeal. The nuts add a healthy potion of fat and protein to keep you full longer. Apples have a high content of fruit sugar and fiber, which ensures a stable blood sugar for the next several hours.

What is Healthy Breakfast?

Healthy breakfasts form the foundation of the body’s nutritional intake and therefore affect the body’s well-being in the right direction. 

Healthy eating helps boost your energy and boost your immune system as you get the right nutrients and building blocks your body needs.

A healthy breakfast can also prevent or reduce obesity and other lifestyle diseases, such as cardiovascular disease.

If you suffer from diabetes , high blood pressure or high levels of fat in the blood, then healthy breakfast is especially important.also read

10 good diet tips

  • Always eat varied, not too much and stay physically active
  • Eat different fruits and many vegetables
  • Eat fish a couple of times a week
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Always choose whole grains
  • Use lean meats and meats
  • Use lean dairy products
  • Hold back with saturated fat
  • Also less salt
  • Eat less sugar
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