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10 Juice Diet Recipes

Shedding weight for the summer season or simply interested in eating healthier? A lot of people are turning to juicing to achieve all the essential vitamins and nutrients they need to stay healthy longer. Juicing isn’t only for fruits anymore, either. Vegetables are starting to be added to the mix to increase the amount of fiber and green leafy veggies to the diet. Juices are also a good way for those engaged in rigorous exercise to get a boost of energy without resorting to energy or protein bars.

Juice Recipes for a healthy diet

Here are 10 juice diet recipes that can help both lose weight and feeling healthier.


For this recipe, one should juice together a small cucumber, with the skin still on, three celery stalks including the leaves, one medium apple with the core removed and two tablespoons of flavorless protein powder. Not only is the protein powder good for building muscle, but the added benefit of fiber from the cucumber and celery will keep one feeling full longer. This will cut down on the need for snacking between meals and help one lose weight.


This juice is perfect for promoting weight loss, as well as being rich with antioxidants, which is key in the fight against cancer. It includes two peeled oranges, one peeled grapefruit, a stalk of celery including the leaves, one carrot without the leaves and a half cup of mint leaves, removed from the stem.


This juice is good for promoting weight loss, and is also a booster for the immune system and an aid for the digestion process. It helps the body to absorb more of the nutrients in the food eaten throughout the day, making the most out of one’s meals as well as avoiding any gastrointestinal problems. This recipes includes 2 peeled oranges, one peeled grapefruit, one peeled lime, one peeled lemon and two cups of cranberries.


Not only is this juice enjoyable and help you lose weight, it is also an immune system booster, it detoxes the liver, keeping it clean and healthy, and it promotes healthy, glowing skin. This recipes includes three cups of spinach, two carrots, one apple and one stalk of fennel, juiced together.


This sweet juice promotes shedding pounds, and also has essential nutrients that helps clear up skin problems. This requires the juicing of three de-pitted peaches, one apple, two stalks of broccoli and one cup of spinach.


V8 is well known for being healthy, but if you don’t want to spend money on buying several bottles of V8 every month, here’s a way to make your own. This recipe includes ten small tomatoes, two peeled cloves of garlic, one cup of spinach, and one red chili pepper. The last ingredient is mostly for flavor, and can be used with discretion if one is not a fan of spicy. Not only is this juice good for losing weight, it also promotes healthy skin and a healthy heart.


Despite the contents of this juice, the flavors combine well together. It is rich with antioxidants and helps the promotion of weight loss. The recipe involves the juicing of three cups of watermelon, half of a pineapple, two stalks of broccoli and two stalks of celery.


Blueberry juice is known for being full of antioxidants, which is what makes this juice good for those who exercise. The other ingredients also make this juice a good booster for the immune system, as well as a promoter of weightless. It includes two cups of blueberries, two cups of kale, two cups of red grapes, and one scoop of protein powder.


Starfruits are a very exotic fruit, so its beneficial nutrients are rarely enjoyed. By juicing together, two skinned starfruits, two skinned kiwis, and two red apples, one can enjoy a rich, sweet juice with the added benefit of the promotion of weight loss.


Cabbage isn’t known for being one of the better tasting vegetables, but adding it to this fruit juice will make it much more enjoyable. This recipe is also an immune system booster, and is known for increasing one’s vitality and well as helping to trim the fat from the body. This recipe includes one peeled lemon, two peeled limes, one pear, two green apples, three carrots, one inch of ginger root and one and a half cups of cabbage leaves.

Juicing is not only healthy, but it’s a quick way to make a drink that is easy, filling and delicious.

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