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How to get white teeth naturally

Do you always brush your teeth and still wonder why they are not completely white? So read on here…

How to get white teeth? What should you eat for whiter teeth?

Your eating habits are extremely important for your teeth, but what is good and what is the shit to eat if you want whiter teeth?

What to eat:

– Green tea may contain antioxidants that help against plaque collections.

– Apple contains fiber and is slightly acidic, and this combination is good for white teeth. Fibers have the same effect as a toothbrush when chewing the apple, and the acid whitens the teeth. But you should rinse your mouth afterwards with water, otherwise you will leave fruit sugar and acid on your teeth. Celery has the same effect as apples.

– Broccoli and carrots contain good amount of vitamin A, that forms tooth enamel, which is the outermost protective layer on the teeth.

– Sesame seeds dissolve plaque and help in the formation of tooth enamel. Then they also contain calcium which strengthens your teeth and bones.

– Milk products such as milk and cheese contain large amounts of calcium which strengthen your teeth and bones. But you should not consume too many milk products as calcium can also accumulate on the teeth as stains.

– Water is your best friend. When you drink water, you rinse away food debris that can form plaque and moisten the gums. Water is also good for rinsing your mouth after eating high-acid foods.

Stay away from:

– Ketchup, mustard and soy contain many acids that are bad for your teeth and can leave stains on them. You don’t have to stay completely out of the sauces if you just remember to rinse your mouth after eating them.

– Soda and juice are both drinks that contain a lot of acid and should only be consumed in small quantities. This also applies to coffee and black tea.

– Licorice, blueberries and cherries can cause discoloration on the teeth if they are not brushed after eating.