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Double your energy with this shower trick

Are you tired of being exhausted? Get more energy with this refreshing trick the next time you stand under the shower.

Hot-cold shower method to get more energy

Also, do you just feel like you’re totally crippled in front of Netflix when you get home after a long day of school, appointments and hobbies? You’re not alone! But there is a clever trick that would give you more energy during the day.

The trick is to finish your shower by alternately rinsing yourself with cold and hot water. First with cold water for 30 seconds, then hot water for 30 seconds and then cold water again for 30 seconds.

The alternating cold and hot temperatures were supposed to boost your blood circulation and stimulate both your body and your brain to make you feel healthier during the day.

In addition to giving you an energy boost, the hot-cold-hot shock trick also helps preventing stress and strengthen your immune system. 

Stay Healthy!