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Craving sweets?

You are craving sweets right now, but you try to be healthy and eat less sweets. What should you do?

How to stop sweet cravings
How to stop sweet cravings

You have just decided not to eat sweets all week! From now on, you will only eat candy on a single – okay two! – lollipops a week, but what do you do when the lollipop shows up?

How to stop sweet cravings?

1. Do something else!

Lying on the bed and getting bored doesn’t help your craving sweets. Why don’t you clean up your makeup drawer, go for a walk with your girlfriend or maybe challenge your brother in a fun game. It helps to think of something else.

2. Brush your teeth

Okay, that sounds like the weirdest tip, but it actually helps your sweet craving if you brush your teeth and maybe even clean them with dental floss. Your breath will be fresh and nice and your dentist would be SO proud!

3. Eat something healthy

It’s not just unhealthy things that taste good – why not head out into the kitchen and blend the world’s most delicious, healthy smoothie, fill a bowl of delicious nuts, or make some crispy root fruit chips in the oven? After eating your healthy snacks, you can think about how good you have been to your body.

4. Enjoy

In two days you have candy day, and why not already plan to make it something special? Maybe you can agree with your friend that you should test the city’s new mix of self-picks, or maybe you bake your own cookies !?

5. Do it anyway!

Prohibition can be stupid, because suddenly you are almost obsessed with the idea of ​​sweets simply because it is “forbidden”! Therefore, it is a good idea to allow yourself to eat some of the delicious, even if it is not candy day. Dark chocolate is a good idea – it is rarely something you can eat in huge amounts, and at the same time it contains lots of healthy antioxidants.

6. Are you hungry or thirsty?

You are more likely to end up snacking unhealthy things if you are hungry or thirsty. Therefore, be sure to be satisfied and quench your thirst. If you feel that your sweet cravings are increasing, then go into the kitchen and have a bun with some toppings, an apple or some nuts. Move!

7. Be proud!

If you have managed Sunday-Thursday without falling into the candy trap, then you may well be proud of yourself and maybe even boast a little to your loved ones. They will certainly praise you for your efforts – and so it is something that can help keep your motivation up, even when you most like M&Ms.

8. Joint project; act together

If you know that your mother is also tired of always getting scolded by the dentist for her sugar consumption or that your friend no longer bothered to spend all her pocket money in the candy store, then just ask them if they will join your project. It is clearly easier to lower your sugar intake if you are more into it. 

9. Think about it! Decide for the best choice

You should evaluate your sugar consumption when some time has passed because if you end up eating a lot of strange sugar-free things instead of regular sweets that may be more dangerous. If you eat so many alternative foods that cause nausea etc., it might be better for you eat some candy when you feel like craving. Think about it – you know best what works for you!