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Back Exercises: Key To Alleviate Back Pain

Back exercises, as part of a good exercise program, can be a key to alleviate back pain. While good physical conditioning can be achieved by low impact aerobic exercises such as walking, running, bicycle riding, water therapy or swimming, there are additional conditioning exercises specifically directed to strengthen the muscles of the back, stomach, hip and thigh that can help alleviate back pain.

Alleviating back pain will not only make you feel better, it will also enable you to improve your movements when exercising – giving you better results toward your lifetime fitness and health goals.

The pulling of the fibers and tissues of the back resulting into tears called strains normally cause back pains. It can be the result of a sudden movement of the back enough to stretch the muscle beyond the point of elasticity.

You can loosen up and lessen the pain by way of exercise. Stretching, in combination with muscle strengthening, must be included in your exercise program to lessen the severity and duration of back pain episodes.

Muscle stretching lengthens the shortened muscle tissue of the back. A very common problem is the group of tissues located at the back of the legs called hamstrings. The hamstrings must be stretched to loosen the leg muscle and avoid the pulling of the pelvis. Stretching the hamstrings will take the strain off the back.

Lack of exercise and physical conditioning may worsen back pain problems. Exercising your back is vital to your regular exercise regimen and when done correctly can help reduce the problems of back pains. Be sure not to over exert yourself when doing any exercise program.

It is very important to discuss your exercise program with your doctor before starting. Once started, it must be done regularly. Your commitment must be strong if you want to succeed and alleviate your back pain.