Healthy Eating at Work


Business Diet Tips

Professional life corresponds to the large part of our lives and mostly we don’t eat at home. If we consider that we don’t have our breakfast and lunch at our homes, almost 2/3 of daily nourishment takes place outside of our homes.

We explained the key points for employees to eat right, enough and in a quality way.

• Breakfast is generally given a miss or it consists of having snacks in short time. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day that makes us begin the day well, functions our metabolism and protects us from gaining weight. It should be healthy and you have to consume protein, fibrous carbohydrate, vitamins and minerals if possible. A breakfast that contains bakery products and tea is not sufficient. It is a better and more balanced breakfast option to consume a cheese sandwich together with a fruit.

• Lunch meals in the cafeteria of your workplace or restaurant should also consist of right choices. Business life in today’s world has become such that it makes employees walk and move less and work generally at their office tables. Low employee activity increases weight related problems. If we take stress into consideration as well, physical and mental health problems may be observed.

Therefore, the healthier our nourishment is, the more we can decrease the negative outcomes of business life. To do so, you should stay away from fast-foods, fried foods or pastry products. You should prefer grilled meat, vegetables and salad.

• Consuming rye bread or whole-wheat bread instead of white bread, consuming less salt and consuming water, sparkling water or diluted yoghurt drink instead of fizzy and acidic drinks are important habits that can affect your health in the long run.

• Giving up unhealthy snacks during the day and preferring healthier refreshments instead are important steps that can affect the quality of your nourishment. It is required to consume 3-4 potions of fruit in order to meet daily vitamin and mineral requirements. Having fresh and dried fruits, small sandwiches, fresh walnut, nut and almond available instead of foods that constitute of fat, sugar and flour like wafer, cracker and biscuits is much healthier and more satisfying.

• Balancing the calorie amount you have in your noon and evening meals is another method that preserves your health and weight. If you are invited to dinner or if you have any special organization in the evening, you should eat less and lighter at lunch. This way, you can balance the calorie amount you have through the day and you can decrease your complaints about digestion related problems (reflux, gastritis, flatulency etc.).