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Health and Wellness in the Workplace

Health and wellness programs at work office.

Health and wellness programs are becoming extremely popular, not only in large companies, but smaller businesses as well. More and more people are having less time for themselves because of their busy work schedules, and having a simple exercise or fitness center in the workplace is becoming a popular incentive for workers. Health and lifetime fitness experts can expect high demand from this current trend.

Small business owners can tap into numerous health care providers that offer low cost programs which promote health and fitness in the workplace. A cost effective method for small businesses to setup health and fitness programs is by contacting community hospitals or voluntary health agencies that offer low-cost or free ‘healthy lifestyle’ programs.

Some hospitals provide free health and fitness consulting for businesses to provide wellness programs for their workers. Voluntary health agencies, such as the American Heart Association, even offer programs that help businesses educate workers on health issues for free.

A common component of wellness lifestyle programs are fitness screenings for blood pressure, cholesterol and body fat. Many health organizations and hospitals can work with small businesses to arrange health screenings for free.

There are also private companies that provide different types of services, from setting up health gyms, to providing wellness seminars, dieting consultation and fitness instruction. Whatever the program – it looks like health and fitness has finally reached the workplace, and this should be a blessing for the many health misfits of today.

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