Fruit Juice Benefits


Why do I need to Juice rather than eat raw food?

Isn’t just eating all of these fruits and vegetables in their whole, raw, un-juiced form just as beneficial as Juicing? Why is Juicing different than eating fruits and vegetables, whole?

More people are eating more food raw than ever before. Why?

Raw food provides more nutrition value than cooked foods and people are

looking for greater nutrition and identifying more with value and better health from real, fresh foods. However, Juicing is an even better solution than raw foods. Foods we eat must be digested while juice does not! Fresh juice is absorbed into our tissue and then into our blood, by-passing our digestive system. Within minutes our body is using the enzymes, amino acids, phyto- nutrients and other elements to build healthy cells and to provide energy.

Eating raw food is considerably better than eating cooked food. In America 50% of people dies from heart attacks and strokes, 33% die from cancer and 8% from diabetes. 91% of the population dies from these 3 illnesses! How much of that

is related to their diet? When we cook our vegetables we loose the vast majority of what we need to build healthy new cells, we kill the enzymes. Most of the diseases noted above can in fact be attributed to poor diet.

Here’s an example of how our diet has changed since 1945:

1.  The dietary intake of pastry has risen 70 percent.

2.  The consumption of snack foods has increased 85 percent.

3.  Soda and soft drink intake has gone up over 200 percent.

4.  The daily intake of vegetables decreased by 23 percent.

5.  The use of fruit has declined by 25 percent.

There’s no question that eating raw vegetables and fruit would be far higher quality for our bodies than those on the top of the above list and processed foods are not even on Rhonda’s list. Raw fruits and vegetables do provide all of the needed elements for building new healthy cells.