Feng Shui for Office and Work Environment


Work Place and Office Feng Shui Dos and Don’ts

  1. Do have your back supported by a wall. 
  2. For extra support in business hang art that has scenes of mountains on the wall behind you.
  3. Do face the door when sitting at your desk; this puts you in a position of power.
  4. Do keep your desk clear and free of clutter including the drawers.
  5. Do hang a mirror to reflect the door if your back is turned while on the phone or at the computer.
  6. Don’t be a needless collector.  If you do not need it, toss it.
  7. Do have two chairs placed in the relationship area. Comfortably decorate the relationship area using connected pairs. Add lighting and plants to support communication and business relationships.
  8. Do hang certificates, awards and achievements in the reputation area.
  9. Don’t place accounts payable files in the wealth area.
  10. Do add a light above your computer shining down on your keyboard.  This helps to eliminate distractions.