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Water Aerobic Exercises

Water aerobic exercises

Water aerobic exercises are the perfect alternative to gym exercises especially if you are bored with your daily fitness regimen. It also provides a great benefit for older people who can no longer carry out high-impact gym exercises or are experiencing joint pains. Remember too that one is never too old to embark on a lifetime fitness program and water aerobics is a great place to start for senior citizens.

Water exercises are just as beneficial as walking, jogging, gym aerobics and using fitness exercise equipment. And just like its dry land counterpart, water exercises increase heart rate and help tone and strengthen your muscles.

The main difference – water exercises create very little strain on muscles and joints. Plus, people who are annoyed by heat and sweat can reap the same fitness benefits people in the gym get through water aerobics. You eliminate overheating and dehydration too which can occur when gym exercises are performed on hot days.

Another advantage of water exercises is that they work out the whole body at once. You get maximum benefit from a water exercise program in less time than what you spend in a gym class!

Don’t confuse water exercises with swimming though. These exercises are conducted in shallow water, between the waist and up to the chest. You can, however, wear floating devices while doing these exercises if you wish.

Even though water exercise programs are highly recommended for people of all ages, always talk to your doctor before signing up. Make sure your instructor is a qualified professional since people with arthritis or injuries may require special exercise programs.