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Top 5 Rules of Feng Shui

The number one rule in Feng Shui is: Clear the Clutter.   Spring is exceptional time for clearing your clutter with fengshui and getting out the old and starting the new.  Every place has its own energy. When you encounter a place that makes you immediately feel good and uplifted, or walk into a place where the atmosphere makes you feel unsettled and drained, you are responding to the energy or chi (Qi) in that environment.

Sometimes energy in your home or place of business becomes stagnant during the winter months.  When this is the case, you may feel tired, listless or agitated.  

Spring Cleaning is the prefect way of cleansing and purifying this energy.  Clearing Your Clutter and Space Clearing is a wonderful time to clear out stagnant energies from the winter season.  You can attract vibrant energy into your life.  

Here are the top 5 rules of Feng Shui to get started!

1. First Rule of Feng Shui: CLEAR THE CLUTTER 

Getting rid of old items, that no longer hold special meaning makes room for new opportunities and experiences to enter your life.  Make a conscious choice to surround yourself with things that bring you joy and are beauty. If your surroundings are filled with items that are not meaningful, nourishing, and supporting, you will have the feeling of being held back and stuck. Clearing Your Clutter is very powerful in manifesting positive changes.

2. Adopt the tradition of Spring Cleaning 

Scrub, vacuum, dust, sweep, clean out crevices, and get rid of the grime!   This will help remove the scum from other areas of your life too.  Grandmother knew what she was doing!

3. Let your Chi Move   

Open your windows and doors in the morning and let the fresh air circulate freely for at least 1 hour. You will instantly feel an uplifting shift in energy. This is a good idea even if you have central A/C. Breathing re-circulated air can be unhealthy if it stagnates.

4. Add life to your Space

Items such fresh flowers and plants, water fountains, aquariums,  crystals, wind chimes, candles and music will regenerate healthy chi.

5. Ring Bells or use a Singing Bowl

Clear out the energy of sickness when a family member becomes ill, walk around the room three times in a clockwise direction while striking the singing bowl with a wooden mallet or ringing a bell. The singing and ringing  will help to clear the space. If family members are feeling tired and sluggish, ringing a metal bell throughout the home will rejuvenate the stagnant energy.