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Men take 8.5kg in the first year after becoming fathers

During the first year of after a man becomes a father, he will gain 8.5 pounds on average.

For logical reasons, women always gain a lot during their pregnancy. However, few people think that men actually follow that equation.

A study by Lighter Life Fast  website shows that 22% of new fathers gain over 6.5 kilos and that new fathers gain an average of 8.5 kilos during the first year after becoming fathers.

Lighter Life Fast has conducted a study in which 1,500 men participated, and they concluded that the weight began to increase in a large proportion of men.

In the study, the men were also asked when they first noticed that they had touched, and the answers were distributed as follows:

25% discovered it after seeing a picture of themselves that was barely flattering.

27% discovered it when their clothing began to tighten.

15% discovered it after being exhausted from playing with their children.

26% discovered it after experiencing other health challenges.

Why Fathers Gain Weight After the Birth of the Child

There is quite a logical explanation as to why so many fathers gain extra weight when they have their firstborn.

It is not due to any chemical reaction that occurs at the moment the baby comes out, but instead it is due to the lack of time and energy.

Studies show that on average, new fathers have 74 minutes less for activities they used to engage in. It is often time in gyms that are replaced by playing with their children.

In addition, fathers typically also get less sleep, and less sleep can increase appetite, less testosterone and an increase in hormones. It can have an effect on strength and muscle mass, and less muscle mass means less burn.