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Fitness Prevents Dementia According to New Study

A new Norwegian study shows that good fitness and health conditions helps keep dementia at the door.

A large study done by researchers from NTNU in Trondhjem has tried to give an answer the question: “How our general health condition affects the risk of developing dementia.”

The results are unique. Especially at the age of 40-60, we ourselves have a good opportunity to improve our own condition and thus minimize the risk of developing dementia. 

The researchers behind the study had usually doubts about the corelance between good health conditions and dementia. The study was published at the recognized journal and the new knowledge can be now put into practice to prevent dementia. 

30,000 People included in the study

The researchers behind the study had access to a large amount of health and exercise data collected in the 80s and 90s. In total, they were able to process data from 30,000 participants. 

At the times of data was collected, no one had developed dementia, but several thousands of subsequently developed dementia samples were seen.

On the basis of the data collected, a condital was calculated for all the participants in the study. This was done two times at ten-year intervals.

Those who had maintained or improved their stamina, halved the risk of dying from dementia compared to those who had poor fitness.

In addition to halving the risk of dementia, a good health condition also ensured that those affected by dementia could live two to three years longer with the disease.