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Feng Shui Symbols and Cures

There are many Asian symbols and cures that can be used to correct negative Chi.

Chinese Feng Shui Symbols and Cures

The Chinese, Tibetans and other Asian cultures have, for thousands of years, recognized and worked with systems of energy which are neither visible nor tangible, and are just now becoming widely known in the West.  Below are some of the Asian Feng Shui symbols.  These symbols date back centuries in some cases. 

1. Bamboo Flute:

Feng Shui Bamboo Flutes - Cures for Falling Down Beam
Feng Shui Bamboo Flutes – Cures for Falling Down Beam

Bamboo Flutes are one of the best Feng Shui cures.

Bamboo Flutes are one of the best Feng Shui cures. Bamboo flutes are used in Feng Shui to enhance the harmony of a location, creating strength and support in any situation. They symbolize peace and safety. Great to hang over the front door for security of the home or on a beam that is a poison arrow or “shar”. They come with a traditional red Chinese knot attached for immediate placement to create a powerful Feng Shui cure.

2. Money Frog on Ingots

Money Frog

Attract plenty of wealth into your home with this three-legged frog with a coin in its mouth! The frog is a very auspicious creature and is considered to be bring good fortune. It sits on a bed of gold ingots which will bring you wealth. The frog is bejeweled with an I-Ching coin in its mouth. Place the frog in any of the corners diagonally opposite your front door for best effect. You may have more than one frog, but keep the number of frogs to nine or below. Keep these three-legged frogs below the table, couch or other discreet public areas of your home, and never in the bedroom. 

3. Wealth Cat

Wealth Cat Feng Shui Symbol

Colors may vary. This cat will bring you money making opportunities. It has one of its paws beckoning for the wealth to arrive. If you are in business for yourself, he will bring you more customers and more sales. If you are a professional for another company, he will bring you luck for promotions and raises in your salary. He makes sure your income is enough to feed the entire household and more.

4. Three Immortal Statues; Fuk, Luk, and Sau

Known as Fuk, Luk, and Sau; these wise men represent the three most important manifestations of health, wealth and happiness. Fuk Luk Sau should be placed in a high place in the dining-room, from where they are said to create auspicious Chi for the entire household. At the office, Fuk, Luk, and Sau can be placed behind you, giving you support and good fortune.

5. Buddha

This Laughing Buddha set is an excellent symbol of wealth and happiness and a wonderful representation of happiness and life-fulfillment. These Laughing Buddhas love to pick up people’s problems and unhappiness and turn them into happiness. Place this special set of Laughing Buddhas on your work desk to take away work pressure and hurry you towards fulfilling your goals.

6. General Kwan Kung

General Kwan Kung Feng Shui

The General Kwan Kung (Kuan Ti), has became known as the God of Wealth. Displaying his image in the home facing the front door ensures that bad things that may try to come through the door will be scared away. It is said that negative energy does not dare enter with the presence of Kwan Kung present. At work, place the image behind where you sit so that you will never lack powerful support from important people.

Feng Shui and Divinity

Anywhere Divinity or Spirit is present negative “Chi” is harmonized. People often ask if there is a “quick fix” or “cure all” in Feng Shui. Yes, the TRUE presence of Divinity. Feng Shui is a spiritual practice and utilizing the divine images that resonate best with you will cure negative chi.

If you are in a situation where it seems impossible to fix, ask for divine guidance. Any deity will represent God or Spirit as long as it resonates with in you. This means that if you are attracted to it in some way, it will work for you.

For instance, if you are a Christian and you like Buddha, Buddha can still represent Divine presence. The same goes for a Buddhist that is attracted to a statue of Jesus. Again, the Divine image of Jesus will still represent Divine presence.

Many believe that the only representation of divinity that will work as a Feng Shui tool are Buddhist. Since Feng Shui is energy based, the Feng Shui tool used must resonate with you. For some, Christian products feel more comfortable and are more effective.

Feng Shui is an Asian concept and practice. Buddhist deities play an important role in overcoming negative chi. Many people are drawn to Buddha and feel his lively, fun energy. This is a form of resonance that will give the energy necessary to have this tool work for you.

Angles and Cherubs are in a Feng Shui category of there own.

These symbols resonate with many people, with many beliefs.

They are especially effective for children.